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DATE: 20 February - 2 March, 2017
DATE: 5 - 15 June, 2017
DATE: 13 - 23 November, 2017
DURATION: 11 days
COST: 2445 GBP

Step back in time, Caribbean style

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Wave after wave of convertible Buicks pass you by as you stroll looking for sunset views over the Malecon. Behind you, the faded, colonial architecture of old Habana, slowly being restored brick-by-brick. Cigar smoke scents the air and all around, the sounds of the Buena Vista Social Club start to hum. Welcome to the amazing, iconic, unparalled Cuba.

Come experience eleven days of turquoise Caribbean seas, lush tropical plantations, step-back-in-time museum towns and the unmissable Havana. We'll snooze in some of the best, dine in local paladares and get to the very heart of both rural and urban. This is our photography holiday in Cuba.



We'll meet you right off the plane and transport you directly downtown to our luxe Colonial 5* hotel that will be your base for the next few days. Next morning, we'll hop into the back seat of a 50's convertible Buick and take a drive along the Malecon to Revolucion Square before diving into the basics of camera operation - in three hours we'll guarantee you'll be off Auto and working your camera like a pro. Later, we'll get our first taste of Cuba, dining at a local paladar - elegant mansion restaurants with mouthwatering menus. The perfect start to our Caribbean photography tour.


After a leisurely tour of Habana Vieja, we'll spend a few days learning the art of composition, revealing tips the professionals like to keep quiet, then its off to take some black-and-whites at a boutique cigar factory (we'll learn how to roll those too!). Later, we'll go meet Castro's personal photographer, Roberto Salas, who will regale you with stories of the revolution over tea and cake. Later, we'll review our pics over a few mojitos, check out the music scene and sample local delicacies that are putting Cuba on the culinary map.


Across to Vinales - the 'Garden of Cuba' - lush, hilly landscapes that provide panoramic views over tobacco, coffee, sugar cane and oranges in an atmosphere of almost complete serenity. We'll shoot portraits of tobacco farmers, capture the dusk light over the limestone 'mogotes' and document daily life in rural Cuba. Like all of our photography courses, our team of professionals will be constantly on hand to give advice and tips, plus give nightly reviews of your emerging work.


Today we head east to Trinidad, a stunning Caribbean town where time seems to have stoppedin 1850. It's the perfect place for explore rural Cuba; we'll learn to shoot street photography in its picture-postcard streets, before boarding our steam train for a journey through old plantations - and chance to learn the art of black and white photography. The following day, its a you day; our hotel is beachside, so chance to explore, take a swim in the clearest-of-clear waters then later we reconvene on the beach to learn the art of the perfect sunset shot - then carry on into the night shooting star trails and the world above. Each day, we'll expand your skills further to ensure great photographs every time.


In the final days, you'll complete our final piece of work, bringing together all the techniques you have learned - culminating in our 'pop-up' exhibition, before a final party to celebrate. You'll have a detailed 1-on-1 session with your tutor, who will review all your work so far, and you'll then work together to produce a final series.


In the last day, we'll head out on photo safari, in a private tour of the Cuban National Ballet, shoot still lives of a hotel where Al Capone used to stay, even shoot boxers in situ in a famous local boxing gym venture into the streets Havana - then back to the comforts of the 5* Parque Central to show all our finest images, then a celebratory party. This is certainly a photography holiday to remember.